Broadcast using a generic RTMP encoder

Note: Generic RTMP encoders do NOT support automation - you must start and stop the stream from the encoder itself. Automated start / stop functionality is a function of StreamSpot Sync, which is only available on StreamSpot ONE encoders, or as an installation for Windows-based computers.


If you have an encoder that is not listed on our "setup-instructions" page, odds are that it will still work using StreamSpot.  Check out the required information using the following links:

Single-Line RTMP URL (No field for stream key)

In some instances, your encoder may only support an RTMP URL as a single value, and may not allow you to enter an accompanying stream key.

In these cases, you can modify your RTMP URL as follows:

- Take your RTMP URL from your dashboard
- Add a single '/' to the end of it
- Add your stream key directly after the '/'

So for example: