Why doesn't the Chromecast button display in my stream?

The Chromecast feature is dependent on several factors.  Here are some of the possible factors as to why the option would be unavailable:



1) Your Chromecast may be offline.  Check that the device is connected to your network.

2) Another browser such as Internet Explorer is currently being used for the stream.  If this is the case, switch to Google Chrome, then access the stream and check again.

3) The Chromecast extension is missing from the Chrome browser.  Visit the Google support site here for installation and troubleshooting.  Once added, restart Chrome, then access your stream again.

4) The Chromecast Integration feature is not enabled.  Follow the instructions and screenshots below to enable this option.

  1. Login to MyStreamSpot, then click the Embed Players option.
  2. Click the Edit Player button.
  3. Under Menu Options & Features, toggle Enable Chromecast Integration to "Yes."  Click "Update My Player" to save the setting.