Using the scheduler in manual mode

If you are initiating broadcasts manually from a device or program like a Matrix Monarch, iPhone app, vMix, Zoom, etc - scheduling your broadcasts still serves the important purposes, such as:

  • Informing viewers when you'll go live
  • Linking all of the necessary event data to your broadcast during a live stream (the title, privacy options, archiving settings, etc)
  • Allowing you to define syndication destinations, like Facebook or YouTube

If you don't have StreamSpot Sync Automation (or even if you do, and your account is switched to manual mode), scheduling works like so:

  1. Schedule your broadcast
  2. Manually start and stop the stream from your encoder or streaming program as close as possible to the beginning / end times that you defined in the scheduler.
  3. If you started the stream on-time relative to the scheduled event you setup, the scheduler entry should "connect" with your stream, applying all relevant properties to it (Stream title, archiving options, syndication options, etc)

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