How to Embed an Online Bible to Your Website

If you would like to embed an integrated Bible on your website there are multiple types you can use. 


One of the most popular online Bible's is the YouVersion online Bible. To integrate it into your website simply use the embed code below. It will automatically sized to the dimensions set in the iFrame. 

<iframe src="" height="480" width="360"></iframe>


There is also the popular Embeddable Bible. To embed it onto your web page use the embed code below.

<!-- Embedded Bible. -->
<biblia:bible layout="normal" resource="esv" width="400" height="600" startingReference="Ge1.1"></biblia:bible>
<!-- If you’re including multiple Biblia widgets, you only need this script tag once -->
<script src="//"></script>


For more information on these applications visit the websites of the providers below.