Pay Per Use Minimum Monthly Payments

Notice: Our 'Pay Per Use' plan has been discontinued and is not available for new customers. 

Under the StreamSpot Pay Per Use plan, there is a $30 per month minimum. This charge covers the cost of your archive storage, server space, and API applications. Once you begin streaming you are billed at $10 per hour streamed with the $30 minimum.

To help illustrate if you were to stream 0-3 hours in the month you would be charged $30. If you stream 4 hours in the month it would be $40 and so on from there. You can review your current usage and totals anytime by clicking "View Summary" in your customer portal.



This plan will also keep your current archives active and available for on-demand playback.  Please note, if you upload an archive that will count towards your hours streamed, the same as a normal stream would.  This is billed at the same rate as a normal stream.  A suspended or canceled account will not have access to On-Demand archives.  


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    Gregory Schneck

    Does a suspended or cancelled account still have access to the the archives and/or history and analytics in the dashboard?