Multiple Bitrate (MBR) - Flash Media Live Encoder (Discontinued)

This article will help to set up Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) for Multiple Bit Rate encoding.

NOTE: Flash Media Live Encoder has been discontinued and is considered legacy software, we recommend OBS instead.

NOTE: MBR must be enabled for your account. 

Please follow these instructions to obtain the appropriate stream names from StreamSpot support.


After you've obtained the appropriate stream names from StreamSpot support, follow these steps to configure Flash Media Live Encoder:

  • Using the exact order, bitrate, and resolutions from StreamSpot support, configure each bitrate and output resolution based on the number (i.e. xxxx_xx1 = Bit Rate 1, xxxx_xx2 = Bit Rate 2).
    • Entering this information incorrectly will result in unexpected results for your viewers
  • Change the "Stream" name to the name provided by StreamSpot support (ie. mp4:xxxxx%i)

  • After entering the appropriate information, save your profile by navigating to File -> Save Profile

Starting with your next broadcast, your viewers will be able to select the appropriate resolution from the bitrates configured during this process.