Sharing a Temporary Download Link

One archive sharing option is the ability to provide a temporary, time-sensitive (expires) download link.  This allows a viewer to save the archive to a hard drive or cloud storage or even burn their own DVD.

All archives remain the property of the account holder.  StreamSpot is not able to share the link to your viewer directly or burn copies of archives that belong to our account holders. 


1) To send a temporary download link to an archive, log into your MyStreamSpot customer portal and go to "Manage Archives." Find the archive you'd like to share, then click the "Share" icon. 




2) On the "Share" screen, look at the third option from the top titled as "Share Download:"  Copy the code/address in the box underneath.



3) After the entire strand is copied, create a new email message in your (professional) e-mail account and send the link to the impacted viewer.  The screenshot below is what the viewer will see once the link has been opened.



4) It is important to note that a download link is only active for 3-days, at which point the link will no longer work. A new link will need to be generated using the same steps mentioned above. When clicking an expired link your viewer will see the screen below.