How to Enable Facebook Live

Please note StreamSpot is not responsible for any policies or actions that are taken by Facebook in regards to their platform.


Step One:

Log into Facebook, using the correct Facebook account, on the same device/computer you are using to access your StreamSpot Customer Portal.


Step Two:

Login to the StreamSpot Dashboard, click on the StreamSpot Tasks menu, and select Facebook LIVE Integration.



Step Three:

Click the Enable Facebook Live Integration button. (this will redirect you to Facebook)



Step Four:

Do not make any changes to the permissions and click Continue.



Do not make any changes to the permissions and click OK.



Finally, do not make any changes to these permissions and click Continue.



You will now see that your accounts are linked along with the associated Pages to which you have administrative rights. You will only be able to post broadcasts to these pages, if the page you desire to post to is not in this list please work with the administrators of the page to receive the correct access. 



Your integration will expire 3 months from the date you integrated. When you notice that you are not able to continue posting to your Facebook Pages, remove the integration and enable the integration again.


For more information on Facebook Live integration features, refer back to the Facebook Live Integration Guide 




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    Loren Elliot

    This is probably easy and I am probably reading around the obvious.
    But I’m wondering can I take a facebook Live LIVE BROADCAST and stream it simultaneously through StreamSpot?