Multiple Bitrate (MBR) - Wirecast

This article will help to set up Wirecast for Multiple Bit Rate encoding.

NOTE: MBR must be enabled for your account. 

Please follow these instructions to obtain the appropriate stream names from StreamSpot support.


After you've obtained the appropriate stream names from StreamSpot support, follow these steps to configure Wirecast:

  • From the Wirecast Menu, select Output -> Output Settings -> 

  • From the dropdown list, select "RTMP Server"

  • Select the appropriate resolution for each stream name as defined by StreamSpot support and enter the information as follows (replace "xxxx" with the information from StreamSpot support:

  • Repeat this step for the number of stream names provided by StreamSpot support by clicking Add -> RTMP Server and entering the appropriate information for each stream:

  • After all stream names have been added, save your Wirecast profile for future use.  If you have configured this correctly, the bitrate selector will now appear in your StreamSpot players: