Permissions and Access Needed for Facebook Live

To share your broadcast to Facebook via StreamSpot's Integration it is important to understand what permissions will be needed by your staff.

It is important whoever creates the broadcast have admin privileges over the page you are wishing to share the broadcast to (You can find an article on how to post a broadcast to Facebook here). 

If the Facebook account is linked and you are not an administrator on any pages you will see the message below. 


If you attempt to schedule a FB Live enabled broadcast and are not an admin over any pages you will see an error message indicating that you don't have the permissions needed.



You will need to work with your team to ensure you are an admin on the page. 

It is also important anyone editing an existing scheduled broadcast with Facebook Live also has admin rights over the desired page. 


For assistance on how to set up an administrator on your Facebook Page, you can view this article from Facebook Support.