Facebook Live Integration Guide

This guide will provide the necessary articles to walk you through each step of utilizing StreamSpots Facebook Integration. 


  • Before using this integration it is important to understand what permissions will be needed on your Facebook Pages and Profiles.

Permissions and Access Needed for Facebook Live


  • First, Link your Facebook and your StreamSpot Account

How to Enable Facebook Live


  • Facebook has a set of recommended video and audio settings that will provide the best experience to your viewers. You can find those settings in the article below.

Video Requirements for Facebook Live


  • Next, schedule a broadcast to post automatically to your Facebook Timeline.

Send a Scheduled Broadcast to Facebook Live


  • If your wishing to add a broadcast to your timeline for a broadcast that is in progress you can find directions in the article below. 

Send a Non-Scheduled Broadcast to Facebook Live


  • Did you know you can now also use your Facebook Profile to sign in to MyStreamSpot? You can find directions in the article below. 

Logging in to MyStreamSpot through Facebook