Change your Monthly StreamSpot Streaming Plan

To change your StreamSpot plan click the Change Plan button in your account details. 


You can also make changes from the Account Settings drop-down menu.


The next page will display your current plan with all the plan details along with the other plans you can move to. Choose the plan you wish to migrate to.

NOTE If you are downgrading from StreamSpot PREMIERE to either StreamSpot PRO or LITE, or from StreamSpot PRO to StreamSpot LITE, a one-time $30 activation fee is applied for the change.

NOTE If you are currently utilizing a Sub-account you will not be able to move plans without contacting StreamSpot Support. 


The next page will process the order, apply any prorated credit from the current billing cycle and bill the card on file.

NOTE If you have any outstanding invoices you may be asked to pay them in full before making changes to your account.



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