Simultaneous Live-Viewer Limits

At StreamSpot each account has a limit of how many viewers can access a livestream at one time. Below is a breakdown of each plan and its associated limit of live viewers. StreamSpot recognizes a live viewer as an active connection to a live broadcast on any of your player destinations. It is important to note broadcasting to an overflow room or hall where multiple people are watching one screen is counted as one live view. 

Viewer Limits

Free Trial= 50 Simultaneous Live Viewers

Pay Per Use Plan= 100 Simultaneous Live Viewers

Lite Plan= 100 Simultaneous Live Viewers

Pro Plan= 500 Simultaneous Live Viewers


In the event, you exceed your viewer limit those who attempt to access the stream will see the message below. 

if you feel you may go over your viewer cap and would like to raise your viewer limit additional space can be purchased at a cost of $20 per 100 viewers. To purchase please submit a helpdesk ticket to with the amount of extra viewers you would like to add. 


On the right-hand side of you MyStreamSpot Customer Portal you can see the most concurrent live viewers you have had at one given time under the Plan Usage Summary section.

If you are on a StreamSpot Trial and exceed your viewer limit the StreamSpot player and venue page will be disabled. 

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