StreamSpot Sync "Broadcast Start Failure" Message

If you receive an automated email from StreamSpot stating that your onsite encoder "failed to start your broadcast," please follow these steps to resolve:

  • Audio configuration has changed (most common)
    • When the encoder attempted to start the broadcast, it could not find your audio source.  
    • To resolve, connect your audio to the appropriate port on the encoder
      • 3.5mm line-in (blue)
    • If you plug the audio into the appropriate port, your broadcast will start within 1-minute of reconnecting.
  • Profile Validation Warning (Flash Media Live Encoder Only)
    •  The encoding profile changed and FMLE could not start
      • Launch FMLE
      • Click "Ok" when prompted about the "profile validation warning"
      • Once your settings are correct (you can see video and audio levels are populating), save your profile to C:\streamspot\sessions\stream.xml (very important, saving in a different directory or using a different file name than stream.xml will not work)
    • If done correctly, your broadcast will start within 1-minute of saving the profile.