Configuring Your StreamSpot One in MyStreamSpot (Legacy)

This article is for the older-generation StreamSpot One Encoders, if your encoder doesn't look identical to the one pictured below, this article is not relevant to you.

Follow the steps below to set up your StreamSpot One in MyStreamSpot.

To access the settings for your StreamSpot ONE you can click the Launch StreamSpot ONE.


You can also access these settings from the Account Settings menu by clicking on StreamSpot One Management



Once in the menu choose your A/V input. You can choose between Auto, HDMI, HDMI w/ 3.5mm analog audio, SDI, and SDI w/ 3.5mm analog audio. 


Next, you can use the Quick-Setup Presets to choose your resolution. 



If you would like to adjust the Advanced Settings you can open up the various options below. *NOTE If you wish to make any advanced changes to your encoder it is recommended to consult StreamSpot before making these changes as they may negatively effect your broadcast. 


After you have set the settings simply click Save Settings. Once clicked it may take up to a minute for the changes to take effect on the StreamSpot ONE.