Facebook Live for Recurring Broadcasts

This article will walk you through the process of setting up a recurring broadcast that will automatically post to your Facebook Timeline. 

NOTE: This feature is exclusive to Pro and Premiere customers. For this process to work, you must have your Facebook and StreamSpot accounts linked. Click here to learn how to link the two accounts.


1) In the MyStreamSpot Customer Portal click Manage Schedule.


2) Click Add a Broadcast and Add a Repeating Broadcast.


3) Set the details of your broadcast, note whatever you set as the title is what the video will appear as on your Facebook Timeline. Select "Yes" from the Facebook Live drop-down menu. 


4) This will open up the option to select a page or profile to post the live stream.  Choose your desired option from the drop-down menu. You can also choose the level of (Facebook) privacy for the broadcast if you are posting to a Profile. If you are posting to a Page, the option will be automatically set to Public.  Screen_Shot_2017-07-13_at_4.38.03_PM.png


The broadcast will post to Facebook at the scheduled start time with the title of the broadcast displayed on your timeline.

You can confirm the broadcast has been sent to Facebook by looking under the Stream Monitor once the broadcast beginsIt will read Scheduled for Facebook LIVE, when the process is complete. 



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    Sean McDermott

    Ryan, we really need the Facebook Live integration for the video that we stream 365 days a year, same time, every day. Let us know when you've implemented the recurring schedule and we will sign up for a Pro or whatever account straight away.