Encoder Best Practices

There are many various software and hardware encoders but they all have similar settings and options that if configured correctly can be used with your StreamSpot Account. Below are some best practices and settings that can be used for most encoders. 

For more on the difference between hardware and software based encoders visit this article titled ...

Internet Upload Speed

Before configuring your settings it is good to have an understanding of your internet speed. You can run a free speed test from SpeedOf.Me or SpeedTest.Net. The result you want to focus on is the upload speed. For a breakdown of required speeds for various resolutions see the article How fast does my Internet need to be to stream?

Video Encoding Settings

Encoding Format- This option should be set to H.264. Legacy formats like VP6 (flash) are not supported on the StreamSpot platform.

H.264 Profile- Up to 720p HD -> Baseline - Level 3.1 or Main - Level 3.1.  For 1080i and higher -> Main - Level 4.0

(For more information on profiles view our article titled Broadcasting Profiles)

Resolution- This is the size of the video input. Higher upload speeds can accommodate higher resolutions. It is important to know the resolution of your camera or video source before setting this value. 

Bitrate- The correct bitrate is dependent on a few factors. The upload speed of the network and the resolution of the video. If the upload speed is sufficient the following resolutions should have no more than the appropriate bitrates.

  • 1920x1080 -> 4.5Mbps
  • 1280x720 -> 2.2Mbps
  • 854x480 -> 1.5Mbps
  • 640x360 -> 1Mbps
  • 720×480 (NTSC) -> 800kbps

Output Size- Some encoders will have a setting for an output size. In most cases, you will want this to match your input resolution.


Codec- AAC is the preferred format but MP3 will also be able to stream to our platform. 

Sample Rate- This is the frequency in which the audio is broadcast, in most cases this setting should be 48000hz (labeled as 48hz in some encoders). 

Bitrate- The audio bitrate should be set at 128kbps, in some cases, a setting of 96kbps will also be acceptable. 





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