Custom Roku Channel Guidelines

Did you know that you can easily allow your viewers to enjoy your live & on-demand StreamSpot content on their HDTVs?  Introducing Roku, a revolutionary device that acts like a cable-box for the Internet. Below are the items you'll need to provide to publish your Custom Roku Channel using StreamSpot:

The box connects over an HDMI connection and comes in multiple forms that vary in the quality and performance they offer. An entry-level "Roku Streaming Stick" offers the easiest way to get started and provides great quality at an affordable price. The Roku Ultra offers the highest in 4K streaming and is the top of the line box. There are many other models that can suit whatever needs and they can all be viewed from the Roku Products Page. 


Included with every StreamSpot streaming plan is a custom, standalone Roku Channel. A custom Roku channel allows you to promote your own channel containing your live and categorized on-demand content. This means your viewers who own a Roku device can now search in the channel store for your venue name and have easy access to all live and on-demand content. 


Simply fill out and upload your branding to the Roku Channel Submission Form linked here. This will generate a ticket for our team, and we will get to work on building your Roku Channel!

The branding/images you submit must match the exact size and file type required. Roku will reject any image not sized to the exact specifications listed.


Required Images

Splash Screen (1920 x 1080 JPEG or PNG file)

The Splash Screen displays while your channel is loading, here's an example:




Channel Logo (400 x 90 JPEG or PNG file)

The Channel Logo will display inside your channel, here's an example:


Channel Store Poster (540 x 405 JPEG or PNG file)

The logo displays within Roku Search as a button to play your content.  Here's an example:


Small Logo for Roku Search (165 x 60 JPEG or PNG file)

The logo displays within Roku Search as a button to play your content.

Channel Colors

Include with your images the color scheme for your channel including:

  • Background Color
  • Text Color (helpful hint, if you're using a dark background color, select light text color & vice-versa)
  • Highlight Color (the color of the border when viewers navigate through content on your channel)
  • Progress Color (the "loading" bar color for your channel)

You can choose any hexadecimal value or the default colors as defined below:

  • Red, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black, and Gray

Channel Description

The following information is required to publish your channel:

  • Channel Name
  • Web Description (You may enter a channel description up to 1500 characters. This channel description may be used for U.S. web-based marketing of your channel. It will not display on the Roku Player.)
  • Description (A detailed description of the channel you are adding. This detail will appear in the Channel Store description of your channel.)

Here are some sample responses for reference:


Publishing your Channel

Once your request ticket is created you will be notified by StreamSpot Support for the following events until it is published:

  • Your channel is being built by StreamSpot engineers
  • Your channel has been submitted to Roku for approval and publishing
  • Your channel is accepted or rejected by Roku for publishing (with notes if rejected)

Publishing times can vary from a few days to over a month, depending on Roku's queue size at the time of submission.

Helpful Tips

  • Big BOLD logos and fonts with no small text accompanying the logo (Roku will reject the channel if it's not legible)
  • No round corners or thin borders. If it's questionable, Roku will reject it.