Multiple Bit-Rate Broadcasting

This article will explain the multiple ways to achieve Multiple Bitrate broadcasting on various StreamSpot plans.


MBR broadcasting can be done two ways listed below.

  • Encoder side - Multiple rates are configured directly from your encoder and sent to our platform.
  • Server-side Transcoding - One feed is sent to us and our platform breaks it up into multiple rates. 

Depending on your StreamSpot Plan different options are available to you, see below which options are on each plan. All plans have the option for an Audio-Only feed transcoded serverside. 


Lite Plan

2 Encoder side bitrates

A common configuration for MBR encoding is sending one HD (720p or higher) broadcast, along with one SD (480p or lower) broadcast.


Pro Plan

3 Encoder generated bitrates


1 Server-Side transcoded bitrate (additional bitrates can be added for a fee of $49.99 per bitrate)

For example, you can send a single 720p HD stream [1280x720 @ 2.5mbps], and StreamSpot will create a second stream [ie. 320x180 @ 300kbps] for viewers with slow Internet connections.


If you would like to change to a StreamSpot Pro plan you can do so at 

For Encoder side MBR please follow the article Submitting Details for Multiple bitrate Broadcasting

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