Broadcasting Profile

When broadcasting in most encoders you can choose between 3 different settings, Baseline, Main and High. While some may assume choosing High will give you the best quality this is not the case.It is important to know the goals of each profile and the type of devices they are designed for.


Baseline- Baseline is the most accepted and compatible of the three formats. It is by design meant to work across mobile platforms like iPhone and Android.  

Main- Main profile is the profile used in most television studio streams and video transfer systems. It supports interlaced video and may cause issues for older applications or mobile devices to playback. 

High- High is a very specific and high-end profile reserved for Blur-Ray disc data and other UHD video formats. Many devices will have trouble playing back content at this profile and it is not recommended for livestreaming to a wide audience. 


In most cases, StreamSpot recommends a profile of Baseline 3.1 for streaming. 

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