Known issues and bugs

StreamSpot makes every attempt to ensure that the services we provide are compatible with the never-ending list of Internet connected devices. Despite our best efforts, anomalies can occur.  Here is the current list of known issues and bugs:

StreamSpot Player:

  • Clicking "Schedule on StreamSpot Venue Pages during a live-broadcast does not return upcoming events. Clicking the same button when not streaming does return upcoming broadcasts. (October 2016)
  • Clicking the menu icon does not reveal the menu in some versions of Safari and Firefox (only effects players in an iFrame) (September 2016)
    • Workaround -> Pause the video in-progress and resume, the menu button will now work
  • Clicking the fullscreen icon does not work for touch-screen Windows-based PCs (August 2016)
    • To resolve: See:
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