Known issues and bugs

StreamSpot makes every attempt to ensure that the services we provide are compatible with the never-ending list of Internet-connected devices. Despite our best efforts, anomalies can occur. Here is the current list of known issues and bugs:

StreamSpot Player

  • Clicking the fullscreen icon does not work for touch-screen Windows-based PCs (August 2016)
  • Audio does not play when viewing a live broadcast encoded with FLME in Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge) (June 2017)
  • Audio is scrambled and unable to be understood on some mobile devices (Android, iOS) (January 2018)

Merge Archive Tool

  • Merging External video with streamed content may return mixed results.
    • IE if you have a pre-produced video you've uploaded to StreamSpot as a bumper/preroll to merge with a streamed event.  This is due to multiple content conflicts such as Resolution/Bitrate/Audio compression/profiles/file types.