AXIS Camera Live View Controls

On the Live view of an AXIS camera, you have access to Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus controls from the sliders below the video. *NOTE Some models of cameras may have less or more options. 

These controls can be adjusted by using the mouse to click anywhere in the slider. The focus option should be set to Auto but can be adjusted if needed. 

Pan, Tilt and Zoom can also be controlled by utilizing two modes called Simulated Joystick and Center Mode.

To toggle between the two modes you can click the button in the screenshot below. *NOTE On some cameras this appears as a tab called PTZ with a drop-down menu. 


Center Mode

When in Center Mode a cross will appear in the camera view window. Anywhere you click this cross the camera will move to make that the center of the shot.

You can also click and drag to create a red box from center. When you release the click anything inside the box will become the new shot after an executed zoom. 


Simulated Joystick Mode

In Simulated Joystick Mode you will notice a red crosshair fixed in the center of the camera view. As you move around this point the mouse creates an arrowhead pointing out from center. If you click and hold the camera will move in the direction the arrow is pointing. Also as you drag further away from center the speed of the move increases.