Facebook Live on a StreamSpot Free Trial

Facebook Live is not enabled by default when you're on a Free Trial of StreamSpot.  We ask that you complete at least one broadcast before we grant access to Facebook Live integration.  For help on setting up your first broadcast please check out our handy setup instructions.  Once you complete your first stream we will grant you access to Facebook Live for the remainder of your trial.  

Only one-time broadcasts can be scheduled to push to Facebook LIVE while on a Trial. Recurring broadcasts are not allowed.


If you go to the Facebook Live Integration before you've streamed you will see the following message:



If you've already completed your first broadcast then you should see this:



Once you've completed your first broadcast and have been granted access to Facebook live you can view the setup instructions for Facebook Integration here.  


If approval is taking a significant amount of time you can submit a request to helpdesk@streamspot.com



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    Mitzi Eastman

    IT's confusing not knowing where to turn for support - we'd rather deal with eCatholic directly, but need someone to help us.
    Earlier today we successfully streamed on FB Live and our website as intended. WE'd try to replicate that experience adding YouTube as we;; and now only get the feed on our website - and nothing on FB and YT