How-To Update StreamSpot Sync to version 5.0.2

This article explains how to update your version of StreamSpot Sync to version 5.0.2. This process should take less than 1-minutes to complete. PLEASE NOTE, this update is for Windows-based encoders ONLY)

If you have any issues or would like StreamSpot support to install this update for you, please open a support ticket at

In order to manually upgrade your StreamSpot Sync, you'll need to download the the .ZIP file containing the update:

  • Download the .zip file using the MyStreamSpot customer portal
  • Once your download finishes it will either open automatically or you'll need to click Save:


  • Open in Internet explorer/Edge


  • Or simply click on the download in the lower left in Chrome to open the zip folder.


Now Click on My Computer or This PC to open the file explorer.



Now you'll want to copy this link: 


Then paste that in the top address bar and hit enter.



Once that folder is open you'll want to go back to the downloaded zip folder and Copy the 3 files from the folder.




Now paste the files you copied into the folder you had opened in file explorer then right click and Paste.

When you paste you will receive a pop up to replace or skip the files.  You will want to Replace the files in the destination.  On windows 7 or lower this will bring the option up multiple times.



After the items are in the folder you are complete!  Thanks for updating StreamSpot Sync.  If you have any questions or issues please contact support and we will be happy to assist!

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