Embed a StreamSpot player with an external archive list

Use this player option to display your StreamSpot player with an external archive list instead of using the collapsable "menu" option.  You can find embed code after logging into the MyStreamSpot customer portal here.

You can choose from either a horizontal:


or vertical player:


To use, simply copy and paste the iFrame code provided into the website where you would like to the player to appear. Please note, there is no need to adjust the iframe size (height and width) on your page as these will always be the same size so we do not recommend using this player with responsive websites as their sizing may cause issues. Instead, use a regular StreamSpot player with responsive CSS.

This embed player will always be the first player in your active player list.  For more information on building a player please see the knowledge base article here.

If you're needing more information about managing your archives please see the knowledge base for Archives located here.