How-to update your StreamSpot ONE Firmware

To update the firmware on your StreamSpot ONE, you will need to obtain a download link from StreamSpot Support.  Once obtained, please download this firmware then continue the upgrade process.

In order to upgrade your StreamSpot ONE Firmware, you'll need to install the Videon Discovery Application on a computer on the same local network as your StreamSpot ONE.  You can find the Video Discovery Application here.  

If you're having issues with the downloads or need help please submit a ticket to 

Once you're on the Videon Resources link from above navigate to the app download location on the right side of the page.



Once you open that link you'll want to select the folder for the OS you're using, most times this is Windows or Mac.  


After you select your folder double click on the program to install.



Now open up the Videon Discovery application and as long as your StreamSpot One is on the same local network it should find it and list it on the application. 



 Once it's listed click Open to open up the StreamSpot One settings.



Now click on Advanced Settings in the top right and you should see the option for Firmware Update.  Now click on Choose file and navigate to the firmware location from the first download.



Once you've selected your file simply click Upload & Install



The system will bring up a screen asking you to NOT power off the device during the update process and then say Done once it's finished.  

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