MyStreamSpot Portal Release Notes

12/07/2016 - New Features and Enhancements in MyStreamSpot v2.9.2

Global Timezone Support:

  • StreamSpot customers can now select timezones outside of North America (GMT -5 - GMT -8) for StreamSpot Sync, Archive matching, Facebook LIVE and Simulated-Live broadcasts.


11/18/2016 - New Features and Enhancements in MyStreamSpot v2.9.1

Recurring Broadcasts for Facebook LIVE:

  • StreamSpot PRO and PREMIERE customers can now schedule recurring (repeating) broadcasts and simulated-live broadcasts to simulcast to their Facebook LIVE page or profile(s).  This is in addition to single broadcasts for all StreamSpot customer levels. 

Password-Protected Recurring Broadcasts:

  • All StreamSpot customers now have the ability to password protect Recurring Broadcasts.

General Enhancements:

  • Upcoming Events: An updated widget on the portal dashboard that shows more information about your broadcast including its type (recurring, simulated, single), password-protected, along with selected destinations including Facebook LIVE & Vimeo and the ability to quickly edit and share each scheduled event.  
  • Integration Status: An updated widget on the portal dashboard that displays the status for Facebook Live, Vimeo, and Roku Integration as well as one-click access to each destination’s integration page within the portal.
  • Recently Completed Events(View Statistics): An updated widget replacing the previous “line-chart” on the portal dashboard. View your recently completed events, launch statistics for the event or watch the on-demand archive of each event with a single click.
  • Usage report filtering: Quickly sort through viewer records with an active filter.  Available for single-events and daily reports.
  • Subscriber Count: Replacing the “podcast-subscriber” widget on the main usage page is a real-time count of how many viewers are subscribed to your public weekly broadcast schedule alert (sent by email every Friday by StreamSpot).  
  • Subscriber Manager: View a real-time list of subscribers, including their name, email and when they subscribed.

Performance Enhancements:

  • Dramatically faster load-times for the dashboard of the customer portal, especially for customers with over 1k viewers in the analytics report per week.