End of Life Notice: StreamSpot Roku Channel

On January 23rd, 2018 we will be removing the StreamSpot Roku channel from the Roku Channel Store.  Not to worry, we have a better (and FREE) option for you and your viewers to continue enjoying live & on-demand content on Roku devices.

A custom, standalone Roku channel is included with every StreamSpot account at no charge!  This means that StreamSpot will have its own Roku channel that's not included with hundreds of other StreamSpot Customers.  Viewers can search for your channel by name and enjoy your content (and only your content) using your standalone channel.

Simply click the link below to create your custom Roku channel now, for FREE! Once the form is received, we can have your channel published quickly (usually within 2-3 business days!)

Create My Free Custom Roku Channel


Why is the StreamSpot Roku Channel going away?  

The StreamSpot Roku channel features live & on-demand content from hundreds of StreamSpot customers.  Due to the number of customers featured on the channel, it is no longer user-friendly to locate content for a specific customer.  Additionally, the channel was developed in 2013 and is no longer up to Roku's standards for best-practices for a uniform viewing experience on all Roku devices.

Viewers that have the StreamSpot Roku Channel (screenshot below) installed on their Roku devices will have it removed from their list of installed channels. They will not receive any notifications, error messages, notices, etc.



If you have any questions regarding this change or need help creating your custom Roku channel, simply visit https://mystreamspot.com/helpdesk and a member of our support team will be happy to help.