Facebook Live Event Creation

With StreamSpot's Facebook Live integration you can create an event to notify followers of your plans to go live. 

NOTE: This feature is only open to StreamSpot Pro/Premiere and Trial plans. Event Creation is only available for one-time and simulated live broadcasts. 

The image below illustrates what will appear on your Facebook feed to notify viewers of the event. 



To create an event simply select yes in the Create Facebook Event option. The event must be scheduled more than 15 minutes into the future. 


You can also create an event for an already scheduled broadcast by clicking the button Create Event from the Broadcast Schedule in the Manage Broadcast Schedule section. 



Once created you will need to start the broadcast no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled time or 10 minutes after, if the broadcast is not started in that window Facebook will delete the event. 

Events also cannot be scheduled more than 7 days out due to Facebook Live limitations. If an attempt to create an event farther than 7 days out is attempted this screen will inform you of the conflict.



To edit the event simply click Actions then change the details in the Manage Broadcast Schedule section. 


After you are done making changes an updated notification will display on your Facebook feed that resembles the image below. 



If you wish to cancel an event you can do so by clicking Cancel Event directly from the Broadcast Schedule


Or by going into the details of the event.


You will then be prompted to verify the cancellation of the event. 


If an event is canceled a notification will be displayed on your Facebook feed resembling the image below.



NOTE: Please be aware any changes that are made in the event settings within the publishing tools of Facebook itself may result in rejection of the integration and cause the event to be missed. Below is a screenshot of the menu in Facebook to leave as is. 

NOTE: If the Facebook Live Event is cancelled or deleted directly from the Facebook Page, but not from the MyStreamSpot Scheduler, StreamSpot will automatically create a new broadcast in it's place and continue as normal. Please make sure to remove events directly through the scheduler.