Osprey Talon Setup Guide

Notice: Direct Integration with the Osprey Talon is currently not working properly. Osprey has confirmed it will be fixed in the next firmware update. Until then: Please contact support directly for assistance in manually connecting the device.


Note: This encoder does NOT support automation - you must start and stop the stream from the encoder itself. Automated start / stop functionality is a function of StreamSpot Sync, which is only available on StreamSpot ONE encoders, or as an installation for Windows-based computers.

Now any Osprey Talon encoder can easily be configured to your StreamSpot account. just follow the steps below to link your encoder to your StreamSpot account. 

NOTE: This integration is currently only available on primary accounts. For sub-accounts setup will need to be done with the generic RTMP info, you can find instructions on how to setup using generic RTMP info here


Begin by ensuring the firmware of your encoder is up to date to at least build

Once up to date select StreamSpot from the Output Setup dropdown list. 


Next, fill out the username and password associated with your MyStreamSpot account. 


After you click Authorize you will see a successful popup letting you know the account is authorized. 


Now you can click Start to begin broadcasting to your StreamSpot players and integrations. 


To end the stream simply click Stop


The connection to your account will remain until you click Logout below the Output Setup option.