Enable Port Forwarding on TRENDnet 4-port Router (LEGACY)

This guide is for legacy StreamSpot One IP Bundles purchased before 2018.



The StreamSpot One IP bundle ships with a small, TRENDnet 4-port Broadband router.


This helps to ensure your camera(s) and encoder are all on the same subnet, making it easy for both you and our support agents to find your devices. The guide below will show you how to enable port forwarding on the router to ensure your computer can access and control your camera(s).


1. To begin, navigate to the routers IP address. By default, StreamSpot sets the router's address to

2. You'll be prompted to log into the router using the admin credentials. If you're unsure of the router's login credentials, contact support.

3. Once logged in, click "Advanced Setup".


4. Next, click on NAT then Virtual Server.


5. Under Server IP, enter the IP address of your camera. Under Mapping Ports,  enter "80".


6. Check Enabled, then click Apply.



To find the IP address you should enter when you want to view your camera, click System, then Status. The address you'll need is listed under WAN IP.



Enter this address into your web browser, followed by ":80". (In the above example, the address we would enter into our web browser would be