YouTube Live Integration

Please note StreamSpot is not responsible for any policies or actions that are taken by YouTube in regards to their platform.

To integrate your StreamSpot Account into YouTube Live please follow the steps below.

Before performing the integration, please ensure your YouTube account is enabled for live broadcasting. To have this feature enabled on YouTube you can follow the guide linked below. It can take up to 24 hours for YouTube to approve this request. 

For steps on how to submit this request use our guide below.

Enabling Live Broadcasting in YouTube 


First, scroll down to the integrations section of the dashboard or click on YouTube Integration in the StreamSpot Tasks drop-down menu. 



Next click Enable Integration


This will log you into YouTube where you will need to grant permission for StreamSpot to integrate with YouTube, click Allow.


You will now see the integration complete and information about your channel.


You are now ready to schedule a YouTube Live Broadcast. 

To find out how to schedule a YouTube Live broadcast, follow the link below. 

Scheduling a YouTube Live Broadcast