Advanced Speed Test

Simple internet speed-tests like those offered by and are great resources for quickly gauging your speed and diagnosing problems. However: sometimes, they're not substantial enough to catch problems that occur intermittently or over time. The purpose of this article is to instruct you on how to do a large-download, repeating speed-test, to help further diagnose connection problems that don't reveal themselves during typical speed-tests. Please note: typically the only time you'd perform this test is at the instruction of StreamSpot staff.

Running an advanced speed test

1. Visit in your web browser

2. In order to conduct a repeat test, you'll need a free account. Fortunately, they're very easy to set-up and require little more information than a username and E-mail address. Sign up for a free account using the 'Sign Up' link at the top-right of the website. Or click here. (Feel free to sign in with Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Also note that the login credentials you sign up with do not need to, and should not, match your StreamSpot account login.)

3. Once you've signed up, log into the site using the 'Log In' link at the upper-right corner of the site (next to the Sign Up link) Or click here.

4. Locate "Auto Test" in the main menu of the website and select it.

5. Configure the test settings screen to match the image below (Unless otherwise instructed by StreamSpot Staff):

- Note all the details, including the easy-to-miss "Minimum Upload Size" value (set to 30 MB)

6. Once your settings have been configured, press the "Start Automatic Test" button

The test will take about 25 minutes and consume around 150 MB of bandwidth. Please wait until the test complete, and screenshot the results for StreamSpot staff.

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