Custom Fire TV Channel Guidelines

Below are the guidelines needed to submit elements for a FireTV Channel. Once the channel is approved through Amazon's testing it will be available to add to the FireTV channel store. You can submit your channel "Requirements" via a support ticket here.

Sample Channel for Reference

We will reference the following sample channel throughout this guide:



Permission to Distribute Your Content 

Amazon requires us to provide documentation demonstrating that you have the right to use logos, names, videos, Etc. The documentation must be either a confirmation letter from the intellectual property rights holder or a copy of the applicable license. You can view our guidelines on the Appstore Developer Portal.

Please attach/upload this document to the ticket submission.


  1. Select your MRSS feed
    • Visit and click the "Feeds" section
    • Select the MRSS feed you would like to use for the channel
      • Please note, selecting the default MRSS feed will include all non-private archives and categories as well as all live broadcasts.  Selecting a specific category will only contain archives from the category selected.
  2. Channel Description - used in the various FireTV channels
    • Short Description: 1200 characters or less
    • Long Description: 4000 characters or less
  3. Navigation Colors and Transparency - Hexadecimal format (ie. #ffffff)
    • Menu Color
    • Menu Active
    • Menu Inactive
    • Navigation Opacity
  4. Overall Theme
    • Specify Light or Dark

All images should be submitted using PNG format

  1. Channel Store Icon: 512x512
  2. FireTV App Icon: 1280x720 
  3. Channel Logo: (optional) 500x500 
  4. Background Image (optional): 1920x1080
  5. Header Background Image (optional): 1920x300


For reference, the items above are exemplified in the Amazon Creator image below:




Sample Images

Sample Header Background Image:fire-header-logo-1920x300.jpg


 Sample Logo Image:

 Sample Channel Store Icon



Sample FireTV App Icon


Once the elements are submitted to StreamSpot we will build and submit the channel for testing. Upon approval, you will be notified that your channel is available. If any changes are needed for approval StreamSpot may reach back out to you for those elements.