Manual Mode Email Notification

In order to prevent a missed broadcast, our system send automated notification emails when a scheduled event may be missed when StreamSpot Sync is set to "Manual Streaming Mode" (see: Using StreamSpot Sync in Manual Mode).  

This email is triggered when the following conditions are met:

  • The account has StreamSpot Sync Enabled and is set to Manual Mode
  • The time is between the start and end of a scheduled broadcast

The email is not triggered if:

  • StreamSpot Sync is offline
  • The account is live-streaming at the time of the notification

MyStreamSpot portal users who have logged in more than 1-time are sent the notification once, per scheduled event.  To unsubscribe (not recommended), click the link on the footer of the email:


To switch streaming modes simply log in to and click the appropriate mode (screenshot examples below:)

Account in Manual Mode:


Account in Automatic Mode: