Compare Viewer Analytics for Events or Dates

Easily determine how much your viewership is growing by comparing dates and events.

Access at

  • You can compare viewers for individual events, or dates.  To get started, click the appropriate button:


Comparing Events

  • Direct Link:
  • Select events to compare.  For convenience, you can search for an event by typing letters contained in the title.
    • TIP: Only scheduled events are available for comparison.  System scheduled events (ie. "Unscheduled Events") are not available)search-event.png
  • Click Compare

Comparing Dates

  • Direct Link:
  • Select 2 date ranges to compare
    • TIP: The date ranges must be at least 1-day and no more than 1-month and cannot overlap.  Common searches are weekly or monthly comparisons (ie. 08/01/2018 - 08/31/2018 vs. 07/01/2018 - 07/31/2018 would compare August 2018 vs. July 2018select-dates.png
  • Click Compare

Understanding Results

The comparison results are comprised of Total Views and Unique Viewers broken down into Live and VOD (On-Demand) viewers for a date range or event. Also included is a comparison of Hours Consumed detailing the combined number of hours watched for each selection. 

The report summarizes the growth or decline of viewership for the first date range or event selected as compared to the second event or date range.

Referencing the report below, The first event had 6,463 total views and 853 unique viewers vs. 1,788 unique viewers and 159 for the second event. The report also shows total hours consumed of 813.9 hours vs. 105.7 in the second event. The result is an overall increase of 456.1% in viewership. You will also see a percentage listed for growth in each individual category.

For the total picture, the report also includes the growth or decline of live and VOD viewership for the same period.


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