Ending a scheduled broadcast early

Note: This article applies only to users taking advantage of StreamSpot Sync Automation, if you are not using StreamSpot Sync Software, or a StreamSpot One, then you may end your broadcasts manually by terminating the encoding feed.

In some cases, you may find yourself needing to end a previously scheduled broadcast, a bit ahead of schedule.

But if your broadcast is powered by StreamSpot Sync automation, you may have trouble ending it manually, as the encoder will attempt to restart your stream if the schedule indicates that you should still be streaming.

In order to end a pre-scheduled broadcast earlier than it's scheduled end-time, please follow these steps.

1. Log into your account at MyStreamSpot.com

2. From the 'popular tasks' menu on the front-page of your dashboard, select "Set broadcast schedule"

3. Edit your scheduled broadcast by clicking the edit icon

4. Referencing your computer's clock - wait until the start of a new minute. Now, modify the end-time to read one minute after the current time (Example, if the current time is 4:01, set the end-time to 4:02.) Now, Save your changes.

5. Your broadcast will end 1 minute after  the changes are implemented.


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    Dana Bogatz

    This isn't working for me. The end time stays the same after I update the event.