Stream Zoom Meetings to StreamSpot

A paid Zoom plan is required to use this feature. | These instructions are for Zoom meetings, there are separate instructions for webinars. Please see here.


While StreamSpot does not offer official support or integration for Zoom, you can utilize the Zoom application's "Custom Live Streaming" option to send a broadcast of your meeting to StreamSpot. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Meetings.
  3. Click Schedule a New Meeting and the required information to schedule a meeting.
  4. Click Save to display a set of tabs with advanced options.
  5. Click the Live Streaming tab, then click the configure live stream settings link.
  6. Next you'll need your Stream URL and Stream Key, these parameters are available from within your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal (StreamSpot Tasks > Setup Your Streaming Equipment).

  7. Enter the values shown in your portal. The "Live streaming page URL" field should be your venue link, or a link to the site your stream will be embedded on. This value is only used for reference to let meeting participants know where the stream is located.


That's it! You should be ready to broadcast your Zoom meeting to StreamSpot. During the next meeting click the "More" button and choose "Live on Custom Live Stream Service" to begin broadcasting.

For more information, please see Zoom's official help-document here.