Streaming from iPhones and iPads with NabiLive

StreamSpot recommends NabiLive as a simple and straight-forward broadcasting app that will allow you to stream directly to StreamSpot from your iPhone or iPad.

Please follow the instructions below to start streaming to StreamSpot with NabiLive.

  1. Download NabiLive from the App Store


2. Open the app, it will ask you to confirm access to several different permissions, tap "OK" to confirm each request.



3. Tap the settings icon (illustrated as a gear) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, this will open the settings menu.


4. Enter your StreamSpot RTMP URL and Stream Key respectively in the fields. You can find these in your MyStreamSpot Customer Portal under the "Setup Your Streaming Equipment" section. When done, tap the blue check-mark in the upper right-hand corner to confirm your entry.


5. Press the red button to start streaming.


6. You'll likely be asked to confirm permission for the app to access your photos. This is required for saving local recordings,. Tap "OK."

7. That's it, you're live! Press the same button you used to start the stream to stop it, Refer to the image below for reference to the functionality of the other on-screen buttons.


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