Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI Capture Device Guide

The Magewell Ultra Stream Capture Device is a great option because no computer is needed to produce a high quality stream. It is also affordable (purchase link). All you need is the capture device, an audio/video HDMI input, and your mobile device that acts as the remote.


We suggest to watch this setup video first to configure your device. The specific instructions for your Streamspot settings can be found below:

Power on your Ultra Stream capture device.

Connect your HDMI cables to provide a video and audio source.

Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Ultra Stream app.


Launch the Ultra Stream app and walkthrough the basic setup, which includes enabling Ultra Stream to access your mobile device. 

Select device to configure, enter in Wi-Fi credentials, set device name, and complete your setup.

IMG_7155.PNG       IMG_7154.PNG

Navigate to your device settings to set the server you want to stream to.

IMG_7167.PNG.      IMG_7159.PNG

Select RTMP. Copy over your Streamspot RTMP address in the URL field. Copy over your Streamspot Stream Key into the Stream Key field.

IMG_7161.PNG.      IMG_7162.PNG

Tap Test. Tap Done.

Enable your stream server. 


For more information on how to adjust encoding parameters, refer back to the support video.

The "Remote" section of the app provides the ability to adjust your sound settings and start the live stream. 


Check out the audio icon to adjust your sound settings.


To start your stream, you can either tap on the "LIVE" through the app, or click the Ultra Stream device Green button. 


Tip! Be sure that your device is running the most up-to-date the Firmware via the Settings section of the app.

IMG_7167.PNG.      IMG_7168.PNG





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