Magewell Ultra Stream HDMI Encoder Guide

Note: This encoder does NOT support automation - you must start and stop the stream from the encoder itself. Automated start / stop functionality is a function of StreamSpot Sync, which is only available on StreamSpot ONE encoders, or as an installation for Windows-based computers.


The Magewell Ultra Stream is an affordable standalone video-encoder capable of High-Definition streaming. It's available from third-party retailers like Amazon and B&H Photo Video.

The Ultra Stream is programmed and configured through an app on your mobile-device (iOS / Android).



Instructions for configuring your device with StreamSpot

1. Plug your Ultra Stream capture device into power and turn it on.

2. Connect your HDMI cable from your camera / video source to the Ultra Stream. Please note that there are two HDMI ports on the Ultra Stream, make sure to connect your camera to the port labeled "in". 

3. Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Ultra Stream app.


4. Launch the Ultra Stream app and walk-through the basic setup, which includes enabling Ultra Stream to access your mobile device. 

5. Select the device to configure, enter your Wi-Fi credentials, set the device name, and complete your setup.

IMG_7155.PNG       IMG_7154.PNG


6. Visit the 'settings' section of the app and update the firmware. This is essential for proper operation. 

IMG_7167.PNG.      IMG_7168.PNG


7. As of 4/7/2020 - Two firmware updates are required for proper operation. After you have updated your firmware once, please wait 5 minutes, power-cycle the Ultra Stream device, restart the Ultra Stream app, and now check for firmware updates once more. After you have updated the firmware twice, you are done.

8. Navigate to 'settings' section again, and this time select 'Streaming Server' in order to configure your destination.

IMG_7167.PNG.      IMG_7159.PNG

9. Select RTMP. You can find your StreamSpot RTMP URL and Stream Key by visiting - Copy and paste both values into the respective fields.

IMG_7161.PNG.      IMG_7162.PNG

10. Tap 'Test', then tap 'Done'.

11. Use the toggle switch to enable the destination you just configured.


12a. Navigate back to the main settings page, select "Encoding Parameters".

12b. Select "Live Stream to Server" then "Main Stream".

12c. Enable "Customize Main Stream".

12d. Select "Advanced Set".

12e. Set "Encoding profile" to "Baseline" and "Keyframe Interval" to "2 seconds".

12f. Tap "Done". Exit settings.

For more information on how to adjust encoding parameters, refer to this support video. Or page 14 of the user manual... Also see our 'best practices' page for configuring your encoder.

13a. The "Remote" section of the app provides the ability to adjust your sound settings and start the live stream. 


13b. Select the audio icon to adjust your sound settings.


13c. To start your stream, you can either tap on the "LIVE" button through the app, or press the physical green button located on the Ultra Stream device.