StreamSpot Sync - Streaming from a secondary device in manual mode


This article covers a very specific scenario

  1. You are a StreamSpot customer who utilizes a StreamSpot ONE encoder or our StreamSpot Sync for Windows software (automated start/stop functionality based on your schedule).
  2. You would like to temporarily stream from something other than your StreamSpot ONE encoder / StreamSpot Sync installation (for example: a phone or tablet, or if you want to stream directly from Zoom).

If both of the above conditions apply, please follow the instructions below.


  1. Connect your secondary streaming device / software following the instructions at
  2. Login to your customer portal at
  3. Locate the 'streaming mode' switch, and set it to 'manual' Screenshot_106.png
  4. Ignore the "Start" and "Stop" buttons . You will start and stop the stream directly from your device / software. 
  5. When you're done, stop the stream from your encoding device / software

  6. Switch back to "Automatic" mode