Controlling PTZ Cameras over the Internet

If you previously purchased a StreamSpot Equipment Bundle that contained a PTZ camera, you probably know that a common way of controlling it is through it's interface (Web-GUI) - which is accessed by navigating to the camera's IP address through a web-browser on a device on your local network.

With this in-mind, a common question we see is "Can I control the camera remotely over the internet, instead of just my local network?"

Controlling a PTZ camera over the internet is certainly possible, but it's not entirely trivial to setup, and due to the security-concerns that come with opening up public-access to a device on your network, StreamSpot is unable to assist with this setup. StreamSpot Staff will only provide support in regards to controlling the camera over the local network.

If you wish to pursue a means of controlling your camera over the internet, there are various methods to accomplish this - a few of these methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Setup a VPN so that you can access devices on your local network from a remote-computer
  • Setup Port-Forwarding to forward your camera's IP address and ports out to your externally accessible public IP address (you may need to request a static IP from your ISP for the best results with this method)
  • Setup a remote-access program like TeamViewer on a computer that is on the same network as the camera, then login with TeamViewer remotely to control the camera through the on-site computer

Our friends over at PTZOptics have a great article on this subject that will provide additional information, check it out:

If you have further questions regarding controlling your camera over the internet, please contact the camera's manufacturer.